Be Like Santa...

Be Like Santa...

There's a lot of talk about Giving Back, and especially at this time of year.  This year, we have chosen a very special project to help with, the YWCA Women's Shelter.  We have Giving Trees at both The Toy Store, and Bushel Basket Candle Co., with tags that list a child's age, size, and a few things they'd like for Christmas.  

I encourage you to help us with this project if you're able. I am personally promising myself that somehow, some way, no tag will go unfilled for the holidays.  I love that this project is all for kids, and that I can, with your help, Be Like Santa for children that quite possibly don't get that experience otherwise. 

The need seems to be greater this year, with other traditional programs in the area either underfunded, or non-existent for some reason. We can't fix everything, but we can help in our little corner of the community, and make the holidays better for children and Mom's that will appreciate our efforts more than we can imagine.

If you prefer not to shop to fill the card, we are accepting monetary donations in person and over the phone, and will put every penny toward toys and clothes. If you choose to shop for your card in The Toy Store we are gladly offering a 20% discount on your donation purchases.  

If you do sign out a Giving Tree Card, please bring your purchases back to The Toy Store, or Bushel Basket Candle Co by December 18, unwrapped, and we will load up the truck and take everything to the YWCA on December 19th. 

Thank you for all of the support you have given to Bushel Basket Candle Co over the last 21 years! Without you, The Toy Store would never be more than a niggling wish, but instead, has become a full blown Toy Store in a few short months.  

From our family to yours, Thank you so much for being here with us!

And if you can help with our project, we thank you from the bottom of our "Santa" hearts. 

Be Like Santa.....

Jackie & crew

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