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Margarita Flavored Cotton Candy

Margarita Flavored Cotton Candy
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Nothing says “It’s time to party” like a margarita! This is one drink that always turns up the fun and gets the evening (or afternoon) off to a great start. So why limit that enjoyment to a drink? Wouldn’t it make sense to be able to enjoy a beloved margarita in candy form? Well, friends, you can! With the Margarita Cotton Candy, you can escape to happy hour whenever you want.

A delicious and fun twist on the treat you love, Margarita Cotton Candy is going to be well received by your nearest and dearest. This will go perfectly at your next warm-weather event, when you need a different way to get your drink fix. Trust us on this, you won’t be able to stop after just one!

Each tub contains 1.75 oz. of margarita flavored cotton candy and is only 200 calories for the entire tub.

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