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  • Wyntir W. An adorable store full of amazing toys! The amount of Squishables they get is crazy! Plus ordering something to be shipped to my house over phone was super easy and it shipped and arrived fast!

  • Alyssa B. This is the cutest toy store! They have a wide range of toys for a bunch of ages! I bought some toys there and they have held up and are still amazing!

  • Hannah G. This is the only place I buy toys for my niece for. It has a great quality selection for all ages and it's my favorite store in the mall.

  • kennedy a The Toy Store has been a great addition to Northland Mall and the community in general. The store is clean, has such a great selection of toys of various age ranges, and has top-notch customer service. The owner and manager never fail to make sure the customers are doing okay while in their store, and always put the customer's safety first! I could never speak too highly of this place. 6/5 stars!!!

  • Marci N This is my 10 year olds favorite place to visit. Not just to shop, but the vision and love that has gone into this store you can see in every inch of the store which makes her smile from ear to ear. The atmosphere of the store is like walking through a story book.