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All the Little Hopes

All the Little Hopes

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A southern story of friendship forged by books and bees, when the timeless troubles of growing up meet the murky shadows of world war ii. 368-page paperback - historical/literary fiction novel.

Deep in the tobacco land of north carolina, nothing’s been the same since the boys shipped off to war and worry took their place. Thirteen-year-old lucy brown is precocious and itching for adventure. Then allie bert tucker wanders into town, an outcast with a puzzling past, and lucy figures the two of them can solve any curious crime they find—just like her hero, nancy drew.

Their chance comes when a man goes missing, a woman stops speaking, and an eccentric gives the girls a mystery to solve that takes them beyond the ordinary. Their quiet town, seasoned with honeybees and sweet tea, becomes home to a nazi prisoner-of-war camp. More men go missing. And together, the girls embark on a journey to discover if we ever really know who the enemy is.

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