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Baby Huggles the Teddy Bear

Baby Huggles the Teddy Bear
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MEET BABY HUGGLES: Discover Bearington Huggles, a 11-inch tall baby toy that embodies timeless charm. This vintage-inspired teddy bear plush is meticulously hand-sewn, boasting a creamy white hue that appeals to all ages.

Immerse yourself in the world of stuffed animals and teddy bears with this plush toy, perfect for cuddling and gifting. Bearington Huggles is the epitome of stuffed bear perfection, promising a delightful addition to your collection of plush toys and teddy bears. 
READY FOR SNUGGLES: This giant teddy bear promises an unmatched cuddle experience with its ultra-soft fur, inviting you into a world of cozy hugs. It's the perfect "my first teddy bear" for little ones, boasting a luxurious feel that's simply irresistible. The elegant satin bow accentuates its charm, adding a touch of sophistication to this plush teddy bear.

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