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Cowpie Catapults Action Game

Cowpie Catapults Action Game
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Anything involving a catapult is guaranteed to be a good time. But we’re not just chucking pumpkins or lobbing rocks here. Nope, we’re launching rubber cow pie projectiles so realistic, you can almost smell the dairy air.

Just arrange your herd of 4 bovines on your side of the barnyard, load up your catapult with a pile o’ poo and let ‘er fly! First player to topple all the opponent’s cows is the champion chip flinger!  

  • Load your catapult with poo and let ‘er fly! First player to tip all the opponents’ cows wins
  • Includes 8 bovines, 2 dung-flinging catapults, 14 rubbery cow poo pies and barnyard board game
  • Ages 6+
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