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Do It Yourself Space Immersion Kaleidoscope Kit

Do It Yourself Space Immersion Kaleidoscope Kit
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Build your own amazing, working kaleidoscope and create your own personal outer space-themed light show, the illustrated instruction book makes assembling easy. Experiment with a variety of galactic-themed accessories to create the ultimate visual experience.
  • Includes everything you need: the sturdy cardboard kaleidoscope tube, 11 space-themed disks, 3 refractory mirrors, 50 trinkets that reflect light, a stand, storage box, and an illustrated instruction booklet
  • Develops motor skills, following directions, cognitive development, and early physics
  • All DJECO toys and kits are made from the highest quality materials, completely non-toxic; meets and exceeds all US and European safety standards
  • A great gift for the early scientist ages 7+
  • This product is FSC Certified (Mix)


  • 1 illustrated tube,
  • 3 mirrors,
  • 1 container with lid,
  • 1 lens,
  • 1 set of tweezers,
  • 11 illustrated disks,
  • 1 storage box, and an assortment of small accessories (50 pcs),
  • 1 illustrated base for the kaleidoscope,
  • 1 set of instructions.
  • Design by: Annabelle Buxton, France
  • Recommended for ages 7 years +
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