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Douzanimo Memory Game

Douzanimo Memory Game
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Cooperative Memory Game!
The 4 Tours company offers animal safaris... with a twist. Whether you’re looking for a lion, a crocodile or a monkey, first you need to put them back together!

The youngest player starts, followed by the other players, taking turns in a clockwise direction.
The player must now try to find the 2 tiles that complete this animal.
He picks 2 of the small tiles in the center of the table and turns them face up.

  • If the 2 tiles match the animal, the player positions them on either side of the central tile.

Well done – the animal is now complete!

  • If only 1 tile matches the animal, the player should position that tile next to the central tile and turn the other tile back over, face down, on the table.
  • If neither of the tiles matches the animal, the player should turn them both back over, face down, on the table.

The game comes to an end when all of the animals have been completed. Well done – the game is won!

+++ Several difficulty levels available:

Beginner with fewer animals and Expert with a shorter play time.

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