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Dungeon D&D Sticky Notes - Variety Pack

Dungeon D&D Sticky Notes - Variety Pack
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After years of searching for campaign details mid-session and possibly misinterpreting our chaotic character sheets, we finally caved in. Countless hours and several exhausted brain cells later, we bring you a system that lets you easily keep track of NPCs you met, towns you visited, quests you've taken, factions you've learned of, loot you've gathered, and more! We call it the Dungeon Notes series. And, the Sticky Note Variety Pack is a member of the (seemingly) organized family.

The Variety Pack provides a collection of sticky notes that easily organize your player's notes. With each visibly labeled note, they provide quick identification. Each pack

Includes the following:

  • 1 x pad of NPC sticky notes
  • 1 x pad of Location sticky notes
  • 1 x pad of Faction sticky notes
  • 1 x pad of Inventory sticky notes
  • 1 x pad of Quest sticky notes

After countless hours of hearing fantasy-based names, it becomes difficult to remember if Senteq is the sweet gnome you met in the forest or the gnome who started a bar fight. But, with the Variety Pack Sticky Notes, tracking has never been easier. Don't waste time searching for a random note from months or even years ago!

With reliable stickiness that leaves no residue, you can trust these sticky notes with all your secrets. With 5 pads of 100 sheets, you record every little detail! In other words, you have now been promoted to the party's secretary.

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