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Firefighter Costume For 18in Dolls

Firefighter Costume For 18in Dolls
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Become a hero with Playtime by Eimmie 18" Doll Firefighter costume! Featuring a fireman's hat and firefighter uniform, your 18-inch dolls are ready to save the day.

Make their special occasions even more special with a unique and adorable gift - from birthdays to Easter, your little one will be thrilled.

Fun and imagination come to life with this doll firefighter set - including the doll uniform, matching child and doll hats, and a play dog dalmatian.

πŸ’– Fits most popular 18-Inch Dolls
πŸ’– Adorable and durable, made with quality fabric
πŸ’– Playtime Prompts with every outfit

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