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First 100 Animals - Ditty Bird Sound Book

First 100 Animals - Ditty Bird Sound Book
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Ditty Bird 100 Words Series is a unique, interactive book series with great sounds, fun facts & favorite children's songs. With colorful illustrations, kids love the wonderful world of Ditty Bird, friendly and full of details. It's time to meet 100 animals living in 12 different habitats.


Pets (Sounds & Fun Facts)

In the garden (Sounds & Fun Facts)

On the farm (Sounds & Fun Facts)

Baby animals (Sounds, Fun Facts & Song: Mary had a little lamb)

In the jungle (Sounds, Fun Facts & Song: Eeny Meeny Miny Moe)

In the desert (Sounds & Fun Facts) In the north & south poles

(Sounds & Fun Facts) In the ocean

(Sounds, Fun Facts & Song: Baby Shark)

In the savanna (Sounds & Fun Facts)

In Australia(Sounds & Fun Facts)

In the forest(Sounds & Fun Facts)

In South America(Sounds, Fun Facts, & Music: The Carnival of the Animals)

Each book requires 2 AAA (LR3) standard batteries. Batteries are included in the book.

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