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For Those Who Are Lost (TP)

For Those Who Are Lost (TP)
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"For Those Who Are Lost is riddled with secrets and sins for the sake of survival . . . a poignant and compelling read." —Leah Weiss, bestselling author of If The Creek Don't Rise and All the Little Hopes Inspired by true events,

For Those Who Are Lost begins on the eve of the Nazi invasion of the island of Guernsey, when terrified parents have a choice to make: send their children alone to England, or keep the family together and risk whatever may come to their villages.

Ava and Joseph Simon reluctantly put their 9-year-old son, Henry, and four-year-old daughter, Catherine, in the care of their son's teacher, who will escort them on a boat to mainland England. Just as the ferry is about to leave, the teacher's sister, Lily appears. The two trade places: Helen doesn't want to leave Guernsey, and Lily is desperate for a fresh start...

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