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I Love You Daughter

I Love You Daughter
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There are so many reasons why YOU are loved! Celebrate the unconditional love between a parent and daughter with this PERSONALIZED picture book ideal for ages 3-7.

Let your little honey bunny know you love her from head to toe! Gentle, rhyming text takes you through a sweet story celebrating each delightful thing that there is to love about your little daughter—from silly moments of play to exploring new adventures every day.

  • Personalize this keepsake book with space to write in YOUR DAUGHTER'S NAME throughout, including a dedication page with a to/from note
  • Share a special moment with YOUR DAUGHTER by completing the activity page, with space for both of you to write down everything you love
  • Let YOUR DAUGHTER know she's cherished with this reminder of everyday love and family, the perfect gift for Valentine's Day, Easter, baby showers, holidays, birthdays, and more—or gift a book instead of a greeting card

I love you dearly,

And I love to watch you grow.

Each day you bring me far more joy

than you could ever know.

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