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"It Aint Easy Being Cheesy" Plush Grilled Cheese Sandwich

"It Aint Easy Being Cheesy" Plush Grilled Cheese Sandwich
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"It Aint Easy Being Cheesy"

Sure, you or someone you know might be going through some tough times but those difficulties pale compared to the hard work and grueling effort required to maintain a respectable amount of cheesiness. Sit this deliciously designed plush grilled cheese out to inspire you to put in the work to find that perfect dad joke time and time again.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: This cheesy plushie has personality! Each Punchkin is made of super soft fabric with an embroidered expression and punchline. The bead-filled base keeps it upright and ready to display at home, work, or anywhere else!

CHEEKY PUNCHKIN These cheesy plush toys are stuffed with personality. Each creative design is crafted from super soft fabric with embroidered details and a humorous punchline. From cute and cuddly to smart and sassy, there’s sure to be the perfect Punchkin for your personal style.

SHELF-SIZED: At 6 inches tall, this grilled cheese Punchkin is perfectly sized for display on a bookshelf, desk, or any other flat surface.

Ages 4+

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