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Pac-Man - Beware of Flashing Ghosts Framed Print

Pac-Man - Beware of Flashing Ghosts Framed Print
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High quality - Crafted with care, our Pacman posters are printed on acid-free paper for bright colors and coated with acrylic gel to stand strong against wear and time.

Easy to hang - With 2 poster hangers included, this 11x17 Pac-man poster frame is a breeze to set up. A perfect addition to any gaming room décor, it'll bring your walls to life in no time!.

Great gift ideas - It's a must-have for any Pac man game lovers and those who appreciate framed game posters. Undeniably a standout among the vast collection of Videogames posters.

Size matters - The Pac man poster measures 11" x 17" and comes in a 12" x 18" black MDF frame (without glass or plexiglass) perfect size for bedroom décor, office décor & home décor.

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