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Pom Pom Puppies Collage Activity Set

Pom Pom Puppies Collage Activity Set
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Collage, from the French “coller”, to glue, is a unique and very popular visual art. It is the creative assemblage of different forms glued to a medium to create an almost 3-dimensional masterpiece. Almost anything can be used for collage; paper, photographs, clippings, and other found objects.
All can be combined to express your inner creativity and imagination. Collage has been around for hundreds of years but was popularized in the contemporary art movement lead by Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso.
  • Remove the pre-cut adhesive backing on the puppy silouettes. Then, add pompoms to the sticky areas to reveal three cute little dogs!
  • Kit Includes: 3 sturdy puppy cards, 1 booklet , 345 pompons, illustrated instruction booklet
  • Perfect for children ages 3-6 years
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