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Halftoys 3-D Puzzle Saw Shark

Halftoys 3-D Puzzle Saw Shark
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Adorable Companion For Busy Hands:

HALFTOYS® Saw Shark is part of a collectible Half-Ocean series that combines multiple play styles into one package.

Complete with a diorama for an immersive oceanic adventure, the saw shark toy has interactive magnets to satisfy snapping needs and a skeleton puzzle for endless tinkering. Collect and connect them all to create your own underwater paradise!

What's Inside:

  • 1 x Magnetic Saw Shark skin
  • 1 x Saw Shark skeleton puzzle (3 pcs.)
  • 1 x Backdrop
  • 1 x Environment cardboard cutout (Jelly fish, shell, etc.)
  • 1 x Animal comic/ instructions
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