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Sub Sandwich Inflatable Pool Noodle

Sub Sandwich Inflatable Pool Noodle
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Get your grub on with the sub sandwich pool noodle. This large, 62-inch long inflatable hoagie pool noodle is inspired by a classic sandwich with all the must-have ingredients (including a 3-D lettuce feature).

 The sub sandwich is also easy to inflate and keeps its shape thanks to a small speed valve. From hoagie to hero, no matter what you call it, you'll love it as much as your favorite deli delight.

5ft long Inflatable Noodle is awesome for days on the pool, beach, at the lake, or even a lazy river run. One thing is for sure you will be the ONLY ONE with a sub sandwich floatie.  Watch people just stare at you and say to themselves "man I want one of those" 

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