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The Engineers Wife

The Engineers Wife
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Her name has been lost to history, but her legacy, the Brooklyn bridge, lives on. Discover the fascinating woman who helped design and construct an American icon. Now in paperback!

When Emily Warren Roebling marries captain Washington 'wash' Roebling—her brother's dear friend and aide during the civil war—a lifetime of family fun and happiness seems within her grasp. But then wash accepts the position as chief engineer on his father's magnum opus, the Brooklyn bridge, and it changes both of their lives forever. 

In Brooklyn, the happy home they'd dreamed of warps around the bridge. Incapacitated from working in the high-pressure tanks at the bridge's foundations, wash convinces Emily to be his messenger to the site. Little by little, Emily finds herself taking over the project—with no formal training or education in math and science. Emily throws herself into building the bridge but faces suspicion and disparagement at every turn as she supervises dangerous construction sites.

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