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"They See Me Rollin" Plush Cinnamon Sweet Roll

"They See Me Rollin" Plush Cinnamon Sweet Roll
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"They See Me Rollin"

This plushie is stuffed with personality! Each Cinnamon Roll Punchkin is made of super soft fabric with detailed embroidered expressions and punchlines. The weighted base keeps it sitting upright so everyone can easily see them on display at home, work, or anywhere you want to show off some personality!

They hatin’? No way! This cinnamon roll plushie is too sweet! No matter what it says, the weighted bottom and dangling legs will keep this little pastry from rolling off your desk, shelf, or wherever you display it.

Punchkins cinnamon rolls are perfectly sized to showcase on a bookshelf, desk, or any other flat surface. They also make for great social media posts #punchkins

Punchkins are LOL fun. They’re giftable, salty and sometimes sweet plush waiting to be given to your favorite people. Cinnamon roll Punchkins are the perfect gag gift for birthdays, white elephant parties, or any thinking-of-you occasion.

Size: 6" x 7" x 4"

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