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Wobbling Tower Animals

Wobbling Tower Animals
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Attention all high-stackers! This classic family game stands for exciting playtime fun. The colorful building blocks with their jolly animal faces inspire fantasies in children and can be gripped easily by children´s hands. This means that the game not only promotes the development of the young construction artists´ motor skills, but also their dexterity and concentration.

The smooth, frictionless surface of the blocks allow them to be pulled out of the tower easily before they´re placed carefully on top. But be careful: the higher the tower gets, the wobblier it becomes! The difficulty of the game can be increased in that a rule can be introduced by which only blocks with specific animal faces can be removed from the tower.

The blocks are to be laid three at a time on top of the tower and perpendicular to the row of blocks below.
This process is repeated until the tower comes down. Who has the calmest hand and has the confidence to pull that first block?

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