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Wooden Building Blocks Rainbow XL

Wooden Building Blocks Rainbow XL
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Brightly colored playtime fun guaranteed! This rainbow includes two wooden balls made of stable wood and is painted in bright colors. Stacked together, it's a real eye-catcher on the shelf, but the real playtime fun occurs with its numerous playing possibilities.

When assembled in a row, the individual arches can become, for example, a long tunnel for the two included balls. In addition, the rainbow can be sorted and stacked, or can be made into a seesaw for plush animals. It's versatile and promotes creativity for one's entire childhood. Which color is the prettiest?

  • Extremely versatile for creative play
  • XL version with 12 rainbow elements and two wooden balls
  • A brightly colored all-rounder for sliding, stacking, and sorting
  • The shapes, colors, and haptics stimulate all senses
  • Has many uses, e.g. for building towers, bridges, houses, and obstacles
  • Stable wood and bright colors
  • Robust and stable for long-lasting playtime fun
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