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WWII D-Day Atlantic Wall Building Brick Kit (765 pcs)

WWII D-Day Atlantic Wall Building Brick Kit (765 pcs)

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100% compatible with leading building brick brands!

The Sluban WW2 Atlantic Wall D-Day Set has it all! The D-Day set has a Large "Atlantic Wall" Building, With a small Command center, Radar Installation, Coastal Canon, AA Anti-Aircraft Guns, and German Field Gun.

--- > Included the set comes with 8 solider Mini Figures, a Motorcycle, Allied Landing Craft, and many weapons and accessories.

This Set M38-B0861 - has 765 Pieces

The set has a working / rotating turret. The set is built strong and is a unique Military brick set and a great set for playing or simply as an addition to any World War 2 History collection.
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